What is the Difference between Aeroponics and Hydroponics?

What is the Difference between Aeroponics and Hydroponics?

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It is said that the first forms of hydroponics date back to Babylonian times: there were hanging gardens where plants were watered from above or below. It has since seduced farmers, horticulturists and gardeners. In this article, we will see what the differences are between Aeroponics and Hydroponics.

Hydroponics VS Aeroponics

Grow System: Hydroponics or Aeroponics

With a Hydroponic Growing System, a Hydroponic Growing Solution feeds the plants with minerals. In fact, water is just a binder to bring the Hydroponic Growing Solution to the plants. When there is no more water, it is necessary to dilute the Hydroponic Fertilizer in the water again so that the growth process starts again. In Hydroponics, you must ALWAYS find a source of minerals.

To start indoor hydroponics, a Hydroponic System Kit will give all you need to start your hydroponic journey. Other Hydroponic Supplies may be needed to maintain it. For example, the PH Tester can help you check the acid-base balance of your water.

Aeroponics is different from conventional hydroponics. Indeed, in this mode of culture, the roots are exposed to the open air. The watering is done by a fog or a mist containing water to which is added a Hydroponic Growth Solution. The fact that the roots are totally exposed allows them to be supplied with oxygen. Aeroponic systems are often large greenhouses in which the plants are watered: this method is therefore more oriented towards professionals (though you can do it yourself). These greenhouses are also equipped with lamps to cover the light needs of hydroponic fruits and vegetables, without which photosynthesis would be impossible.

Advantages of Aeroponics

  • High Yields: given the size of the aeroponic greenhouses, they can grow a significant number of hydroponic plants, hydroponic fruits and hydroponic vegetables. This allows you to have an organic production for your family, but also to sell it on a market for example. According to this study, Aeroponics would allow a growth boost of up to 200% compared to traditional agriculture!
  • Better Oxygenation: in Aeroponics, plants have easier access to oxygen. This is due to the fact that the roots are suspended in the air, but also that they are lightly watered over time - which avoids the mistakes encountered in traditional gardening.
  • Pest Free: the main reason for the development of pests in gardening or agriculture is the presence of a soil rich in nutrients that attract insects that want to feed themselves. These insects then attack the plant itself, which has an impact on production. In Aeroponics, the roots are suspended in the air, which limits the proliferation of these pests.
  • Positive Ecological Impact: optimization is the word to remember for Aeroponics. The roots are watered in small quantities over time, the lights allowing photosynthesis are activated at a given time, etc. In short, everything is calibrated. This precision makes it possible to save water and electricity, which is more and more important in a context of global warming.

aeroponics system

Disadvantages of Aeroponics

  • Cost: an Aeroponic greenhouse is expensive, it is necessary to count several thousands of euros to acquire one. Then you have to buy the lamps, the support pipes and the plants. All in all, the bill can quickly rise.
  • Advanced Knowledge required: both in terms of installation and daily management, Aeroponics is very difficult to maintain. Indeed, everything must be properly optimized to maximize your yields, whether it is the dosage of the Hydroponic Solution, the frequency of watering and lighting. A mistake could have important consequences on your plantation, this is why we cannot recommend Aeroponics Systems to beginners. If you absolutely want to start with this method, you will need to get information and/or professional help.
  • Reliance on Electricity: the entire aeroponic growing system depends on electrical and electronic elements, whether it is watering, lights etc. If one of these elements fails, your whole production is threatened, and you will have to find a quick solution to fix it. Aeroponic greenhouses often contain a lot of plants, so it is almost impossible to manage everything manually.
aeroponics kit

Hydroponics Kit and Aeroponics Kit: Which One is Best for You?

If you are starting out in hydroponics, we do NOT recommend Aeroponics. This method of growth requires specialized knowledge and an important investment. If you are new to hydroponic gardening or soilless agriculture, hydroponics with a Growth System OR the Kratky Method are effective methods to start your Hydroponic Journey.

If you have been doing Hydroponics for several years and want to increase your yields, Aeroponics can be interesting. Find out more about this method and have an expert guide you!

aeroponics mist

Now, you are aware of all the differences between hydroponics and aeroponics, and we hope that you now have a clearer view of the two methods. See you in our next articles!

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