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How to choose your first Hydroponics Vase?

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Do you like hydroponics? Do you like decoration? Do you want to decorate your home with hydroponics?

Then this article dedicated to hydroponic decoration is for you!

A hydroponic vase is a decorative element that will highlight your hydroponic flowers. Made of transparent glass, it will allow you to observe in an optimal way the diffusion of your roots in water. Some models have a wooden base that improves their stability while enhancing their design.

In this article, we will see:

What are the best materials for your hydroponic vase?
What are the best plants for your hydroponic vase?

After reading this article, you will know more about hydroponic vase glass and what they can bring to your home. The goal? To allow you to start a unique and beautiful collection at a lower cost!

Let's get started!

What are the best materials for your Hydroponic Vase?

Before buying the first hydroponic vase you find in stores and on the internet, it is important to tell you about the materials most used in the construction of hydroponic vases. This will allow you to make the best choice according to your expectations in terms of design but also durability.

Hydroponic tubes made of wood

Hydroponic Plastic Pots

Globally, hydroponic plastic pots are badly perceived because they are not very aesthetic and not very ecological. However, they have a significant quality: solidity.

Indeed, they are resistant to shocks and bad weather. They can therefore be placed anywhere in your home, even in the most dangerous places!

Most plastic hydroponic vases are used for the Kratky method or for passive hydroponics because they often have self-absorption and respiration features. However, they can also be used as traditional vases and customized as you wish!

Hydroponic Glass Vase

If hydroponic plastic pots have often been hated, hydroponic glass vase have always been appreciated! In fact, they have always been used for interior and exterior decoration.

What is the advantage of aqua glass vases? It is their design! Indeed, glass hydroponic vases are a MUST HAVE in terms of decoration: there are many different sizes, shapes and colors to perfectly decorate your home!

Hydroponic Glass Vase With Wooden Frame

The combination of wood and glass needs no introduction: it is superb. With a hydroponic glass vase with wooden frame, you're sure to become a home decorating expert!

In addition to offering extra strength with a rigid base, this kind of decorative vase will come in many colors: light, dark, ... what to choose and combine your vase with the color of your furniture!

What are the best Hydroponic Flowers for an Hydroponic Vase?

Now that you know the differences between the materials used in the design of hydroponic vases, it is time to get to the heart of the matter!

The objective of this section is to inform you about the best hydroponic flowers for you hydroponic vase.

Hydroponic Flowers

Hydroponic Tulips

Tulips are bulbous plants with solitary stems that are particularly appreciated to decorate most gardens in late winter and early spring.

For a traditional hydroponic look, hydroponic tulips will add color to your decoration! Check out our beautiful hydroponic tulip vase below.

Hydroponic Tulip Vase

Hydroponic Orchids

Orchids are flowers of tropical origin that adapt very well as a houseplant.

Available in many different colors, hydroponic orchids will be a good option to make your home lively!

Hydroponic Peace Lily

Lily flowers have conquered many of us for its beautiful foliage and its generous moon-shaped flowering.

The sleek design of the hydroponic peace lily composed of green and white will perfectly animate your living room

Hydroponic Hyacinth

Characterized by its pretty flowers in cluster, they form beautiful scented bells.

The hydroponic hyacinth being a long plant, it will do perfectly well to give life to unoccupied spaces in your home

What are the best Hydroponic Plants for an Hydroponic Vase?

Not only hydroponic flowers are suitable for a hydroponic vase: hydroponic plants are not to be neglected! They can indeed bring a greener and more ecological side to your home ornamentation.

This section of the article will help you to know the best plants to grow in an aqua culture vase.

Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponic Succulents

They have an astonishing graphic silhouette and a smooth and waxy aspect, intended to avoid the evaporation of water and the contact with the burning atmosphere of their environment of origin.

If you want to vary your plants, hydroponic succulents will be an original choice thanks to their small size.

Bamboo Hydroponics

Bamboo is native to Asia where it is very well known and used to feed the pandas for which it is the main food.

Bamboo hydroponics will be perfect for a clean indoor decoration.

Money Tree Hydroponics

This plant is a beautiful tree native to the tropical zones of Central America but which adapts perfectly to the interior of a house or an apartment.

Adding money tree hydroponics will give a fresh look to your decoration!

Monstera Hydroponics

Wonderful houseplant, the monstera is one of the most sold houseplants but also one of the most resistant and therefore easy to grow.

Perfectly adapted to hydroponics, monstera hydroponics will give a forest look to your interior!

Choose your Aqua Vase now!

Throughout this article, we have shown you the essentials to know in order to decorate your home with hydroponics.

From the materials used for the vases to the most suitable hydroponic flowers and plants, we hope that you have all the elements to ornament your home in the best way possible.

Decorating your home with hydroponics means choosing something different and unique!

Take a look at our great collection of hydroponic vases below!

Hydroponic Vases Collection


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