Coconut Coir for Hydroponics

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Hydroponics with Coconut Coir: a Complete Guide

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Coconut Coir is a substrate that has become fashionable over the years. It has the main characteristic of being lighter than Sphagnum. Throughout this article, we will explain why coir is a high quality substrate, its benefits and how to use it.

Coconut Coir for Hydroponics

This substrate is widely used in terrariums, nurseries, palms, horticultural plants etc. In fact, this Growing Medium is suitable for all types of plants, except for carnivorous plants.

If we talk about granulometry, there are three types of Coir for Hydroponics: fine (which looks like normal soil), coarse (which are small pieces) and chip (pieces a little larger). In Hydroponic Gardening, the fine is mostly used, since it is the one that gives the best results in cultivation.

It is also one of the richest Growth Medium in nutrients assimilated by plants. Plants need Hydroponic Nutrients that they can easily absorb and that provide what they need to grow. It contains a high proportion of vitamins A and C and trace elements. Among these trace elements are vanadium and molybdenum. These two elements help the nitrogen fixing bacteria to be more active. Other trace elements in lesser proportions include manganese, nickel, copper, sodium, titanium and lead.

Coir for Hydroponics

Benefits of Coconut Coir

  • A PH between 5.5 and 6.2, which is suitable for most crops.
  • It is able to retain hydro nutrients and release them gradually. It also prevents problems caused by over-fertilization.
  • It retains water; in fact, its fibers act as if it were a sponge, so you can save on irrigation water, which is always useful.
  • Facilitates root development, as it can yield or absorb heat very quickly.
  • Maintains the right balance between water retention and aeration capacity, thus avoiding problems related to excessive humidity.

These are the main characteristics of the coconut fiber. They will allow you to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Helps to improve the production of hydroponic fruits and hydroponic vegetables: as it has a great aeration power, it provides a better environment for the good development of hydroponic roots. Thanks to the Coconut Fiber for Hydroponics, your hydroponic garden also improves its general structure and facilitates the development and growth of the roots.
  • Helps to have healthier and stronger hydroponic plants: the Coco Coir for Hydroponics is a Hydroponic Growth Medium that has an insulating character. To this we add its capacity of hydroponic aeration and we obtain a more extensive protection of the roots against the excess of humidity. Another advantage of hydroponic coir is that it reduces the heat to the roots with a greater speed. In this way, you can do Hydroponic Gardening safely.
  • Solves water stress problems in plants: plants are under water stress when summers are very hot. The problem with the irrigation system is that there are certain parts where the plant suffers the most. This can affect the development of your hydroponic vegetables and hydroponic fruits. With Coconut Coir for Plants, you will be able to avoid any kind of confusion when watering your hydroponic garden. Thanks to the Hydroponic Coir, the plant will have a quick rehydration.

Coco Coir

How to use Coconut Coir?

To use Coconut Fiber for Hydroponics, keep in mind that when you water it, the fiber will get waterlogged and its volume will increase, that's why we advise you not to put a lot: a small handful is enough.

The first time you use coir, we recommend that you rinse it until the water runs clear. Indeed, the Coco Coir is often full of salt, which can harm the plants.

To use it with Kratky Hydroponics: we advise you to have a net cup OR a Hydroponic Basket and to place the fiber at the bottom of it.

If you want to know more about the Kratky Method, check our Kratky Method: Easy Low-Maintenance Hydroponics article.

For Hydroponics with a Growing System, you will replace the Hydroponic Sponge (which has the role of a Growing Medium) by the Coconut Coir.

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