How to Use a Mason Jar for Hydroponics? [Complete Guide]

How to Use a Mason Jar for Hydroponics? [Complete Guide]

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There are different ways to get started with hydroponics: some will prefer to use an all-in-one hydroponic growing system, others will prefer to purchase an aquaponic or aeroponic system that they will create themselves from scratch.

The disadvantage of these two methods? They are expensive, even very expensive.

That's why our team decided to write an article on a simple way to grow your own vegetables without having to resort to a huge budget: the Kratky method with Mason Jars.

Using only a simple glass jar, water, a hydroponic solution and a net cup, this method will allow you to become self-sufficient and feed yourself in the healthiest way possible!

Throughout this article, we will see:

  • Why are Mason Jars great for passive hydroponics;
  • How to use Mason Jars to grow your own vegetables;
  • How to make a Mason Jar for Hydroponics by yourself

At the end of this article, you will realize that growing plants in mason jars with water is really easy!

Without further ado, let's start!

Why is a Mason Jar great for Kratky Method?

A man's placing a Mason Jars for Plants on a table

Doing hydroponics in a glass bottle: this is what the Kratky Method is all about.

This method is based on passive hydroponics, which means that once the jar is set up with water and hydroponic growing solution, there is nothing else to do until your plant has fully grown.

But how do you choose the best container to grow your own hydroponic vegetables when there are so many choices?

Well, the answer is simple: a Mason Jar!

Made of glass or plastic, these jars are perfectly suited for passive hydroponics. They have enough space to grow a plant (1 plant = 1 jar).

Moreover, some of them have a cork support which allows a perfect support of the plant and an optimal development of the roots.

How to use a Mason Jar for Plants?

By using Mason Jars for Plants, you will realize that the Kratky Method is much easier than with any other container!

To set up your self-sustaining hydroponics system, follow the few steps below:

  • Once you have your container, pot or a Mason Jar, you may need to get net pots or cups to support your seedling. Our Mason Jar for Plants already has a built-in support at the top that will allow you to support your seedlings.
  • Fill your Net Cups or the top of your Mason Jar for Hydroponics with a suitable growing medium. We recommend a high quality growing media such as Coir for Plants or Sphagnum Moss for Hydroponics.
  • Then fill your Mason Jar or any other container with water, adding a little hydroponic solution.
    This last step is essential because unlike potting soil, water (more precisely tap water) contains little or no minerals. A Hydroponics Water Solution will allow your plant to meet its NPK needs (NPK stands for Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium).

Additional tips : 

  • We recommend that you cover your Kratky Mason Jar because letting light penetrate the roots could lead to premature aging of your plant.
  • For hydroponic vegetables growing for short periods (less than a month), you don't really need to refill the container.
    Indeed, you want to keep a space between the top of the plant and the water so that your plant can take in oxygen. This space will be created naturally as your plant absorbs water.

What Plants can you Grow in a Kratky Mason Jar?

Mason Jars filled with leafy vegetables

What Vegetables can you Grow in Mason Jars?

Now that you know how to use a Mason Jar, one question remains: what are the best vegetables to grow in a container?

Well, the answer is simple: vegetables that do not need a lot of time and resources to grow.

Leafy vegetables are particularly suited to passive hydroponics. For example, you can grow hydroponic lettuce or hydroponic basil in a mason jar.

If you wish, you can also grow hydroponic tomatoes or other vegetables, but you will need a larger container.

What cannot be Grown Hydroponically with a Hydroponic Mason Jar Kit?

Many people think that there are plants that you cannot grow in a Hydroponic Mason Jar: this is not true.

However, the Kratky method is much more suitable for fast growing vegetables. Indeed, passive hydroponics will prove to be restrictive for growing vegetables or fruits that take 6 months to grow.

If this is your case, you will have to turn to bigger systems, otherwise the yield will be negative.

How to create a DIY Mason Jar for Hydroponics?

Containers about to turn into DIY Mason Jar Hydroponics

It is possible to make a Kratky Hydroponics DIY system.

For this, nothing could be easier:

  • Take an empty jar. We advise you to choose a container with a large capacity.
  • Remove any obstructions such as covers or other.
  • Add a hydroponic pot.
  • Drop your semi inside. 

 And that's it!

Choose the Best Containers for Kratky Hydroponics, a.k.a Mason Jars!

This article is now finished! We hope that you now know more about terrarium jars for plants and their interest in growing your own vegetables at home simply and with little equipment.

If you want to know more, we have a detailed guide to the Kratky Method!

See you soon for a new article!


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